An Ocean’s Measure of Sorrow


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Ever beneath an ocean sky,
Starlight through water passing by.
Lying upon the ocean floor,
Staring above to deep blue more.

Forgot my name and who I was.
Memories of nothing floating up.
All of the sorrow we once knew,
Colours the ocean’s water blue.

Title:  “An Ocean’s Measure of Sorrow”

Album:  “On: Audio”

BPM:  120

Key Signature:  G

Time Signature:  4/4

Subject:  Solitude / Emptiness / Sorrow


A man lay still at the bottom ocean; his arms drift at his sides. Looking up through the deep aqua-marine expanse he can see broken fragments of starlight passing above the surface.

The man remains, with no thoughts or memories, on the sea floor and the sorrow that once filled his heart has since leaked out coloring the ocean blue.


  • Ben Wylie:  Composition / Lyrics / Production / Vocals / Guitar
  • Aaron Wylie:  Composition / Production / Vocals / Keys / Programming
  • Jason Nickel:  Bass
  • Nathan Wylie:  Drums
  • Richard Dolmat:  Production / Engineering


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