Au4 [oh-fohr]
Au: to the, at the, with
4: Life (Chambers of the Heart, Valency of Carbon); Reality (Dimensions, Great Elements); Death (Far East Tradition, Horsemen of the Apocalypse) 

With story-like lyrics and meticulous soundscapes, Au4ā€™s … And Down Goes the Sky sweeps its listeners into a world where fantasy dances with science, where the sacred joins the profane, where simplicity embraces complexity, and where life meets death. Listeners travel amidst the lush layers of pads and strings, operatic incantations of angels, pounding rhythms of deep electronic sequences, and the intimate whispers of singer and guitar.

While telling stories of a man sneaking into hell as a last effort to avoid the finality of annihilation; or of a girl who is, herself, the ether of the universe; or of a man so enraptured by his creation, he would sooner die than share it with those around him; Au4 explores the deeper sides of electronica, post-rock, dream pop, and shoe gaze and makes it their own with fearlessness.

… And Down Goes the Sky is expected to showcase Au4ā€™s undeniable talent to an ever-expanding fan base and propel them forward into the next phases of their inevitable success.


Band Members

  • Ben Wylie – Composition / Production / Vocals / Keys / Guitar / Sequencing (2004ā€“present)
  • Aaron Wylie ā€“Ā Production / Vocals / Keys / ProgrammingĀ (2004ā€“present)
  • Jason Nickel ā€“Ā Bass / VocalsĀ (2005ā€“present)
  • Nathan Wylie ā€“Ā Drums / PercussionĀ (2005ā€“present)

Featured Contributors

  • Richard Dolmat (Digital Sound Magic) ā€“Ā Production / EngineeringĀ (2005-2006, 2011-2012)
  • Vincent MarconeĀ (MyPetSkeleton) ā€“Ā Album Cover ArtĀ (2006, 2012)
  • Anna Vandas ā€“Ā VocalsĀ (2005ā€“present)
  • Melanie Krueger ā€“Ā VocalsĀ (2011ā€“present)
  • Josh Wylie ā€“Ā VocalsĀ (2005ā€“present)
  • Daniel Moir ā€“Ā Electric GuitarĀ (2012)
  • Niki Piper ā€“Ā ViolinĀ (2012)
  • Clara Shandler ā€“Ā CelloĀ (2012)
  • Malcolm Aiken – TrumpetĀ (2012)
  • Peter Rose (Suite Sound Labs) – MasteringĀ (2012)
  • Graemme Brown (Zen Mastering) – MasteringĀ (2006)