Everything Always Moving


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Everything always moving,
Uncertain situation.
I think I see you hiding,
But all of these waves will find us.
Mountains of emotion
Melt into the ocean.
Ecstasy rain clouds forming,
Raining on all this ‘broken’.

Tree of disillusion
Soaking up water heaven.
Fruit of forever growing.
Everything always moving.

Summer’s setting.
I love you love me.
Autumn’s falling.
Wonder where we’re going.

Winter’s lonely.
Holding you holding.
Spring is rising.
I knew you would find me.

Everything moves.

Title:  “Everything Always Moving”

Album:  “On: Audio”

BPM:  76

Key Signature:  C sharp

Time Signature:  4/4

Subject:  Extended Time / Cyclical Patterns / Regeneration


Two people watch with apprehension as an extended geological time-lapse reveals whole mountain ranges eroding into the ocean, evaporating into the firmament, and raining down to form entire vistas fresh and new.

And so goes the cycle, not only of the earth, but of hearts and minds as well.


  • Ben Wylie:  Composition / Lyrics / Production / Vocals / Guitar
  • Aaron Wylie:  Composition / Production / Keys / Programming
  • Jason Nickel:  Bass
  • Nathan Wylie:  Drums
  • Richard Dolmat:  Production / Engineering


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