Forever Dancing Under a Fallen Sky


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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… yeah,
It’s like a waltz.

Left 2, 3. Right 2, 3.
Left 2, 3. Spin…

Very good.
Okay, here we go…

(Verse One)

Eyes follow
The rhythm of your soul’s pirouettes
And little twirls.

Hearts and minds also
Spinning in time as this nursery rhyme
All unfurls.

(Verse Two)

Deep blue heaven borrows
From the ocean of colour you bring
To this otherwise dead grey world.

Sunrise is nothing in the world
Compared to your blue eyes, girl.


So my darling don’t give up
On these steps you’re making up,
When it all has gone away
It’s your dance that will remain.

So my darling don’t give up
On these hopes you’re stirring up,
When the earth caves in one day
It’s your dance that will remain.

So my darling don’t give up
On these dreams you’re dreaming of,
When the sky falls down one day
It’s your dance that will remain.

Title: “Forever Dancing Under a Fallen Sky”

Album:  “…And Down Goes The Sky”

BPM:  134

Key Signature:  B flat

Time Signature:  6/8

Subject:  Self Expression / Passion / Persevering Through Adversity


In a colourless world, a young dancer begins to express herself with movement. The cold fixed downward gazes of the citizens nearby break from their collective downcast and look towards her with interest and intrigue. As the dancer moves about with lyrical rhythm, she begins to spread colour and inspiration to the world around her.

Even the gods and myriads of heavenly hosts are so inspired by her act of self-expression that they borrow from some of the colours she is spreading. Stealing some of the blue from her eyes they paint the deep gradients of the sky, and they cast reds, oranges and yellows upon their sunrise.

The girl dances until the natural end of the world. The earth caves in beneath her feet and the sky collapses down upon her, but her melodious patterns and waves of movement carry on, suffusing the dark voids of space.


  • Ben Wylie:  Composition / Lyrics / Production / Vocals / Guitar
  • Aaron Wylie:  Production / Keys / Programming
  • Anna Vandas:  Vocals
  • Niki Piper:  Violin
  • Clara Shandler:  Cello
  • Jason Nickel:  Bass
  • Nathan Wylie:  Drums
  • Richard Dolmat:  Production / Engineering


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