Of Dreams


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Lyrics: The stories she told me of long ago
Started with love and ended in sorrow.
The peaks of the mountains disappear,
Eroded by heartbreak and all her tears.

It started one Sunday afternoon,
Intoxicated by flowers bloom.
I fell asleep by the big maple tree.
That’s where she said she saw me.

Spirits recognize
From previous lives.
The love we share,
The passion we refuse to hide.

We made love in the subtlest of ways.
Rain clouds so very far away.
Time as abundant as the blue sky.
I’d live forever; she was the reason‚Ķ

Count the days when tomorrow
Will only be the same pure heaven,
Oh your lovin’,
Paves the roads with solid gold.
Never makes me want to return…

Is of a different world.
Lucid dreams are flooding me.
Fantasy and earthquake.
There’s only so much one can take
Before they slip and then begin to…

I don’t want to fall away from here.
So full of fear,
But gravity pulls me back to reality.
Nothing’s ever as it seems,
When our minds are full of dreams.

Title:¬†¬†“Of Dreams”Album:¬†¬†“On: Audio”

BPM:  125

Key Signature:  E

Time Signature:  6/8

Subject:  Dreaming / Infatuation / Loss

On a warm Sunday afternoon, with the sun shining down, cotton drifting in the wind and the flowers in full bloom all around him, a young man falls asleep under a large maple tree.

In his dream, the young man meets a young woman with unearthly beauty. She explains to him that she saw him for the first time as he was laying there under the tree, but she recognized him as if they’ve known each other for eons.

Even their simple touching of hands, subtle shifts in their gaze, or the hair rising on their arm as they flush, is love electrified.

In one fleeting moment they share an eternity of rapturous love, but in the next moment, the man can feel the gravity of wakefulness tugging at him. He fights the weight of reality, but is ultimately overcome by it and their love is lost forever.

  • Ben Wylie:¬†¬†Composition / Lyrics / Production / Vocals / Guitar
  • Aaron Wylie:¬†¬†Composition / Production / Keys / Programming
  • Jason Nickel:¬†¬†Bass
  • Nathan Wylie:¬†¬†Drums
  • Anna Vandas:¬†¬†Vocals
  • Richard Dolmat:¬†¬†Production / Engineering


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