Paper Cuts from Paper Butterflies


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Sunriseā€¦ let it.
Can’t do anything about it.
But you know I would never,
Over these subtle cries,
Ever admit it.

Love dies deader,
Deader than ever I could ever.
As soon as I, story teller,
Start telling the stories
About the ways I die.

Title:  “Paper Cuts from Paper Butterflies”

Album:  “On: Audio”

BPM:  76

Key Signature:  F sharp

Time Signature:  4/4

Subject:  Letting Go


A man regards the rising of the sun and concludes that he is helpless in the face of such magnitudes. Even exerting control over a delicate nuance, such as that of butterfly retrieving pollen from the flower next to him, leaves cuts and wounds on his hands.

He then regards how his efforts maintain control over his own inevitable passing, are equally as futile.


  • Ben Wylie:  Composition / Lyrics / Production / Vocals / Guitar
  • Aaron Wylie:  Composition / Production / Keys / Programming
  • Jason Nickel:  Bass
  • Nathan Wylie:  Drums
  • Richard Dolmat:  Production / Engineering


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