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“… And Down Goes The Sky”

Released 2013

Digital Pre-Release:

Au4’s second release. “… And Down Goes The Sky” conceptualizes a journey one might make as they move away from traditional belief systems into a realm of free-thought – where the wonders, evils and beauties of our experiences are re-imagined and re-interpreted.



Track List:

01 – Everyone is Everyone  And Everything is Everything
02 – Lost Her Way Home
03 – The Propagation of Light Through the Ether of Emotion
04 – So Just Hang On, Beautiful One
05 – In Three Seconds I’ll Be Gone
06 – Forever Dancing Under a Fallen Sky
07 – Wherever We Begin to Fall  Broken Glass Will Surely Follow
08 – The Empty Gorgeousness of All
09 – These Subtle Lights
10 – Planck Length
11 – Over the Edge It Goes



“On: Audio”

Released 2006

Au4’s first release. The “On” project not only alludes to the beginnings of Au4 as a group, but it makes reference to reality as an overall concept and the universe’s general state of being “on”.”On: Audio” is the audio representation of the project, with its corollary “On: Visual” project running simultaneously.





Track List:

01 – Hit and Miss
02 – A Mile from Here Is a Hole Where I Buried Your Love
03 – Everything Always Moving
04 – An Ocean’s Measure of Sorrow
05 – The Tree That Lived and Died Right Before My Eyes
06 – Paper Cuts from Paper Butterflies
07 – Undone by Dandelions
08 – Of Dreams
09 – One Thousand Rivers Flowing Further and Further Away